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       "Flow-rail" shelves are the solution for storing of goods having a high storage density. The system ensures free movement of pallets, using a chain-shiftmechanism, using two aluminum rails. The system used for this kind of shelves is LIFO (first pallet in - last pallet out). 

The advantages of flow-rail type shelves are:

  • there is no space wasted between pallets or handling equipment
  • pallet handling is only done at the end of the shelf, eliminating access aisles between shelves
  • Maintenance free, as there are only electrical components for automation
  • allows the use of wooden and plastic pallets
  • guaranteed strength in areas with seismic activity
  • the design and quality of materials facilitates use in refrigerated rooms (-30) and outdoor

For custom storage systems, according to the needs of your company, please contact our team of specialists: tel 0746.243.728;




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