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Order Pickers

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Order Pickers
LO2.0 , LO2.0L , LO2.0M
Order Pickers<br>LO2.0 , LO2.0L , LO2.0M2.000 kgLow-level order picker (fixed or rising platform)MOSFET and AC traction control
Order Pickers
Order Pickers<br>K1.0L1.000 kgLow/mid-level order pickerMOSFET and SEM traction control
Order Pickers
K0.6M , K1.0M , K1.0H
Order Pickers<br>K0.6M , K1.0M , K1.0H1.000 kgHigh-level order pickerMOSFET and SEM traction control
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